3 Keys you MUST know to launch your podcast as a Coach 
With Jonny Pardoe, 
Podcast Specialist and Podcast Host 

This free training shares 3 keys you must know to launch your podcast as a Coach. These keys have significantly played a role in me being able to scale my coaching business through podcasting, obtaining clients, over 800,000 downloads, sponsorship and become a top 200 Apple Podcast in Health and Fitness. 

Enjoy and take plenty of notes for this short and concise training.

What have others said?

'After taking Jonny's podcast course I was able to setup my podcast and already have 150 downloads. Jonny made the process so simple, I was able to setup in a couple of days. Also with his expertise in being confident in yourself and just go for it and get me into action. I'd highly recommend him'

Crystal, Empowerment Coach

'Jonny was a huge insight. Before I had no idea how to structure a podcast, let alone what to even do with a name. Jonny helped me structure my podcast to get it off the blocks and in 3 weeks it already has 800+ views. Myself and the Happy Positive Energy Game are extremely grateful, and Jonny is THE go to guy for podcasts!'

Luke, Confidence Coach

'When I approached Jonny to help me in setting up a podcast he was very helpful and open to what I asked. I mentioned what I wanted to achieve and he totally understood me. Jonny is very knowledgable in Podcasting and he can get you the results tailored to you specific needs. I can truly suggest Jonny in helping you out setting up your podcast. He did it with me, and very efficiently.'

Robin, Men's Life Coach

'Today I had the opportunity to learn all about podcasting and how to start my own podcast from Jonny. He shared all aspects from creating a name and why that is important to how to view stats on your podcast once you launch. He has so much expertise in the area and he was able to share every detail needed and build my confidence during the session. Thank you so much Jonny! You seriously over delivered'

Lindsay, Mindset Coach

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